Current Market Feasibility For HCP Research Due to Coronavirus

In the current dynamic situation we are daily tracking the latest situation in all our main markets.

Last Updated: 30th March

In Person / Viewing Facility Research: In all countries switch to TDI / remote research. Although there are some areas where in facility is continuing, we advise changing methodology as this can change very quickly.
Advice for all studies: Flexibility will be key.  Respondents may post-pone or be available at the last moment  and so timelines and moderators will need to be flexible. Simultaneous translation / listening in should be allowed after the event when needed to allow maximum flexibility.  The most flexible interview platforms should be used. Longer timelines should be built in.
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Latest Feedback for this Country


Some specialties are currently more responsive as non-essential work is cancelled – eg Opthalmos, Orth Surgeon. We are seeing Oncology nurses cancel interviews. Pulmos and Cardios are becoming slower to respond.


We are getting slower responses from Infectious Disease, Microbiology, Haematology and Paed Haematology.


ID Specialists, Emergency Specialists and PCPs are very busy. So too nurses working with them.  Other specialists are still available for interview but it is slower and post-ponements higher than usual.


Recruitment currently as usual, although we expect to see Infectologists, Pulms and ICU specialists to become more challenging


UCI and ER Specialists, IM and Infectious Disease Specialists, pulmonologists and nurses in all these areas are currently under a lot of pressure and  so can be difficult to interview. Lab Directors and all Lab staff are very busy. Interviews with all other specialists are currently OK, this may change as they are asked to provide more cover but that has not hit yet.


ICU Specialists, Infectious Disease Specialists and to a lesser extent  IMs are in the thick of fighting COVID-19 right now so research should be held off with these specialties. Otherwise interviews are continuing.


Allow 10 weeks for fieldwork


Situation is improving – still allow longer timelines


Allow longer timelines

At KQH we are well prepared to adapt and work with our clients to respond to the changing situation and still get the research done.  Please contact your usual contact with any queries.


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