Miina Rafinski

Director, KQH Inc

Miina heads up our US operations, fieldwork and client relations. She ensures that all US-specific and US-component research projects are executed in a timely manner with successful results. She is also responsible for maintaining and developing our US client base.

Career Summary

After graduating from Lafayette College with honors in International Affairs and Government & Law, Miina’s first professionally held position was a Real Estate Legal Assistant at a regional law firm.

Prior to joining KeyQuest  in October 2014, Miina spent 8 years with the Olson Research Group. Her roles at Olson spanned from qualitative and quantitative project management to managing the qualitative research department and Director of Client Services.

Specialist Therapy Areas

Miina leads our USA operations, project directoring CLs, TDIs and IDIs. A significant proportion of Miina’s studies are multi-country and include KOL studies in the areas of Immunotherapies, Oncology, Rheumatology, Gastrointestinal and Pulmonary Diseases.

Over the years Miina has worked in all Therapy Areas and multiple disease types. Below are examples of some of the most recent subjects she has successfully managed studies in:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Asthma, Atopic Dermatitis, AF, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer (Bladder, NSCLC, Ovarian, Prostate), CDIFF, CHF, Diagnostic Imaging, Diarrhea, Epilepsy, Female Fecal Incontinence, Growth Hormone Deficiency, Hep B, Hunters Disease, Hurler’s Disease, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Imaging Machines, Infectious Diseases, Knee Surgery, MS, Narcolepsy, Oncology, Osteoarthritis, PAD, Pain Management, Pruritus, Renal Disease, RA, Wet AMD

Miina’s successes and assignment highlights

  • Since joining the KQH team in October of 2014, Miina has been able to substantially grow the US client base and US fieldwork revenue
  • Miina recently successfully managed a  highly complex research project involving 21 prostate cancer patients (and sometimes their partners too), across 3 cities in the US.  We had to target a very specific sub-segment of prostate cancer sufferers, at a certain stage of the condition and with particular PSA/Gleason scores. This constituted about 5-10% of the overall prostate cancer population in the US. The research also involved each participant completing an extensive patient journey diary in advance of the interview. From the start of fieldwork to the close of the interviews, the research took 5 weeks including the Christmas and New Year’s holiday to complete.

Miina’s professional memberships

BHBIA Certificate of Competence in Adverse Events and Legal & Ethical Guidelines training

Miina’s interests

Miina is an avid equestrian enthusiast and in her free time she can usually be found at her barn spending time and working with her horse Banderillo. Bandy and Miina have been Three Day Eventing together for 10 years and were competing at the Training level until recently, with numerous successful results.

Miina has been on the organising committee for Essex Horse Trials as a show jumping steward for the past two years.

In addition to this Miina enjoys gardening, hiking, travelling and reading. She has a particular preference for classical works and Eastern to Central European politics and socio-economics.

Contact Miina on tel. 908 617 0503 or via our Contact Form

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“Miina is FANTASTIC to work with – very professional, friendly, responsive, and willing to work with our constraints.”

Client feedback from Management Consultants, 2019