Rosalyn Twite

Co-founder & Director

Ros is one of the Co-Founders of KeyQuest Health. As well as being involved in the management of the company, Ros maintains client relationships, provides costings for clients and still likes to keep involved with the management of research studies.

Career Summary

Ros graduated from Nottingham University 2:1 in Law.

She began her market research career with Continental Research, becoming a healthcare specialist upon moving to Synovate (now Ipsos) Healthcare in 1998. There Ros started as a Project Controller, managing both qualitative and quantitative studies, before becoming a Project Manager, Unit Manager and eventually Board-Level Director of Fieldwork Operations.

Under her leadership, complex multi-country studies (including emerging markets across Asia and Eastern Europe), were increasingly fielded and successfully completed.

In 2007, together with 2 other industry colleagues, Ros co-founded KeyQuest Health.

Specialist Therapy Areas

Some recent areas/subjects in which Ros has overseen fieldwork include:  ADPKD, allergic rhinitis, arthritis, breast implants, CDAD, chronic kidney failure, congestive heart failure, cystic fibrosis, diabetes,  epilepsy, HIV, IBS, imaging machines, MRSA,  myelofibriosis, nebulizer users, nuclear medicine, obesity,  oncology, RA, systemic fungal infections, wound management and urinary incontinence.

Ros’ successes and assignment highlights

Growing KQH from a germ of an idea to the respected, go-to qualitative fieldwork agency it now is.

Watching KQH’s Project Directors develop close, collaborative relationships with clients, enabling KQH to grow with our clients as projects are successfully executed and further work won.

Growing our KOL / Payor Department – KQH’s reputation with this small universe ensures we can reach those ideally placed to shed light on tricky / unknown areas.

Opening our USA office and enticing someone of Miina’s calibre to run it.

KeyQuest’s work in Orphan Disease areas – diligently finding and recruiting the few who specialise in some ultra-orphan diseases, so that their voices are heard as exciting new developments emerge.

Ros’ professional memberships

BHBIA Adverse events trained, Legal & Ethical Guidelines trained

EphMRA trained and member

MRS member

Ros’ interests

Ros’ interests include raising her beautiful daughter, great literature, cycling (at least during her heavenly commute along the River Thames into Richmond), world affairs and going to the theatre.

Contact Ros on tel. 44 (0)20 8090 5546 or via our Contact Form

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“In 2007, we decided it was time that fieldwork studies were run by highly experienced Project Directors who knew their therapy areas, countries and target respondents – and so KeyQuest Health was born.”

Rosalyn Twite, Co-founder