Career Opportunities at KeyQuest Health

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team across the world.

In particular, we are keen to hear from Project Directors, Recruiters, Moderators, Translators and Analysts who are interested in joining us.

At KeyQuest Health you can be assured of varied and interesting projects and a positive team spirit. This is one of the reasons why we find our staff loyalty to be so high and attrition so low.

If you are keen to join and work with us please complete the form below.

KeyQuest Health and me

Nada Sahinagic

Project Director

I joined KeyQuest Health in 2010 and was instantly impressed with its pleasant working environment and team spirit.

Unlike large organisations, at KQH you get to work on a greater variety of interesting projects. Decision-making here is much quicker and you have greater autonomy over the projects you lead.

My fellow directors are immensely experienced and talented in both the healthcare sector and fieldwork studies. The KQH network of recruiters, moderators and translators is also a great help and has enabled me to work with many highly skilled individuals. I have also had the opportunity to travel as part of the assignments I’ve led, which is great.