KQH’s Incentives Department

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Our Incentives Department is responsible for ensuring no matter where in the world we conduct research, respondents are appropriately incentivised.

Ensuring our respondents receive their incentives

The Incentives Team works across numerous countries and currencies, ensuring that those who take part in KeyQuest studies receive incentives in line with local regulations and expectations.

The type of incentive really does vary by country – whether due to strict regulations or local demand.

KeyQuest is keenly aware that those we speak to are giving up their valuable time to help us and so ensuring prompt delivery of incentives is this team’s top priority.

Contact Details – USA Incentives

Kyle works out of New Jersey and processes all incentives for the USA.

Contact Kyle via our  Contact Form

Contact Details – Incentives across Europe, LATAM, ASIAPAC

Kia works out of our London office and processes incentives for all countries except the USA.

Contact Kia on tel. 44 (0)20 8090 5546 or via our Contact Form

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“Kia & Kyle are invaluable members of the KeyQuest team, ensuring that the HCPs, Payors and Patients who take part in our research studies receive their incentive promptly.”

Rosalyn Twite, Co-founder