Launched in 2015, our Analysis Service is now available to help you convert research insight into:

  • Top line reports

    Focused on the top line findings, these provide the reader with the factual evidence of the findings in a summarised form. They help to deliver fast feedback to the end client.

  • Summary answers

    Summarised (not transcribed) answers to all questions, these are usually provided in Microsoft Excel or Word.

  • Transcriptions

    These are word for word accounts of interviews.

  • Content analysis

    These give a full summary of responses to every question in the guide, identified by respondent type where appropriate. They also include pertinent verbatim quotes and, if required, a brief summary of findings per section.

  • Detailed reports

    Our detailed reports typically follow the flow of the discussion guide and take the reader through the methodology, specialists involved etc. They also provide a mix of statistical and analytical information based on the project objectives. Detailed reports are ideally suited to those looking to understand all aspects of the study, its purpose and outcomes. They can also include suggestions and advice based on the respondents’ views.