Current Market Feasibility For HCP Research Due to Coronavirus

In the current dynamic situation we are daily tracking the latest situation in all our main markets.

Last Updated: 20th May

In Person / Viewing Facility Research: Some countries are now opening up again for in facility / in person research. However we would advise having a back-up of switching to remote should lock-downs be re-imposed.
Advice for all studies: Flexibility remains key. Situations can change so timelines and moderators should be flexible. Simultaneous translation / listening in should be allowed after the event if needed to allow maximum flexibility.  The most flexible interview platforms should be used / reserved as a back-up.
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Some specialties are currently more responsive as non-essential work is cancelled – eg Opthalmos, Psychiatrists, Oncologists, Derms etc.  Consider interviewing these physicians now before their time is taken up working through the inevitable back-log. Front-line HCPs (Infectious Disease, Emergency Medicine & Critical Care, Pulmonology, Cardiology, various Nurse specialties) can still be slower to respond. Facilities are re-opening in many areas.


The situation is easing, although we still avoid approaching certain specialties in hospitals with high levels of COVID-19. It remains the case that some specialties are less busy than normal. Facilities remain closed.


The situation is easing, although some ID Specialists, Emergency Specialists, nurses and PCPs remain very busy and we avoid contacting them. Others are still available for interview and some specialties are less busy than usual.


Recruitment currently largely as usual, some restrictions are being lifted and in Berlin facilities are allowed to be used for FTF research again (so long as strict distancing rules followed).


The situation is improving. UCI and ER Specialists, IM and Infectious Disease Specialists, pulmonologists and nurses in all these areas should be avoided if they are currently in a COVID-19 high area. Lab Directors and all Lab staff remain busy. Interviews with all other specialists are largely OK.


The situation is easing, although we continue to avoid COVID-designated hospitals. Elsewhere we are able to recruit and MR is continuing.


Situation is improving, timelines returning to more usual levels.


Situation has improved – still allow longer timelines if possible.


Situation has improved – still allow longer timelines if possible.

At KQH we are well prepared to adapt and work with our clients to respond to the changing situation and still get the research done.  Please contact your usual contact with any queries.

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