Current Market Feasibility For HCP Research Due to Coronavirus

As we see a resurgence of COVID across EU and continued growth in USA, we have resumed a weekly update to this tracker. It shows the feasibility situation in all the major countries KQH works in.

Last Updated: 2nd November 2020

In Person / Viewing Facility Research: Some countries are now closing again for in facility / in person research. We advise staying with remote options such as online groups and web TDIs.
Advice for all studies: Flexibility remains key. Situations can change so timelines and moderators should be flexible. Simultaneous translation / listening in should be allowed after the event if needed to allow maximum flexibility.  The most flexible interview platforms should be used / reserved as a back-up. We are seeing recruitment slow and cancellations increase in some countries.
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Latest Feedback for this Country


Due to the increase in the COVID infection rate, the affected specialties such as Pulmonologists, Infectious Disease, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine specialists are becoming harder to reach and they are less likely to respond, hence longer field times will likely be needed and our ability to meet quotas may be impacted in these segments.


As of 5th November the UK enters lockdown again. COVID cases have risen and we are finding it harder to get through to some HCPs.  We are not contacting  COVID hot-spot hospitals at this time. Build in flexibility to timelines in case needed.


France entered a new lockdown on 30th October. Certain specialties and areas are especially effected, KQH will feedback how / if your study will be impacted.  Build in flexibility in timelines as it is likely to be needed.


On November 2nd new restrictions were introduced as infections continue to rise. Certain HCPs in hard hit areas are affected and less likely to be available for research. KQH will advise how your study is likely to be affected. Flexibility needs to be built into timelines.


Spain currently has record numbers of COVID cases and we are seeing market research studies impacted as HCPs deal with this. A state of emergency was decreed on October 25th although full lockdowns have not been imposed. KQH will advise how your study is likely to be affected. Do build in flexibility on timelines.


From 4th November new restrictions will apply in an attempt to tackle the resurgence of COVID.  Certain regions are worst hit than others. KQH will advise how your study is likely to be affected. Do build in flexibility on timelines.


COVID is at lower levels in Japan and is currently not greatly impacting research. However there is currently a lot of research taking place in Japan with the result that we may not be able to take on your Japan fieldwork until the New Year.


COVID is not affecting our ability to conduct research at present.

At KQH we are well prepared to adapt and work with our clients to respond to the changing situation and still get the research done.  Please contact your usual contact with any queries.

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